Clear 23


  • Seals and protects
  • Provides a durable, glossy finish
  • Crystal clear, non-yellowing
  • Resists water, pool chemicals, UV rays
  • Protects from heavy traffic

For Use On

  • As a protective sealer for cement surfaces
  • As a high gloss protective coating over H&C® Concrete Sealer Solvent Based.
  • As a decorative glaze on masonry walls, cement block, flagstone decks and walls, brick, and other cementitious materials
Coverage: 200-300 sq ft/gal
Heavy traffic: 72 hours


H&C® Concrete Sealer Clear Gloss is a silicone acrylic based waterproofing sealer, formulated for use on interior and exterior vertical and horizontal brick, stone, masonry, and epoxy-set chatahoochee stone.

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