OCT/LADCO Compliant

Staining or sealing a driveway can add curb appeal to any home. H&C offers numerous products for pavers, asphalt, and concrete.


H&C® Concrete Sealer Solid Color Solvent-Based

Product Supplies

  1. Roller Cover 3/8″ nap (soft woven)
  2. Paintbrush
  3. Paint tray
  4. Roller frame
  5. Extension pole
  6. Stiff broom
  7. Water source/hose to thoroughly clean surface
  8. H&C® Cleaner Degreaser (if necessary)
  9. H&C® Etching Solution (if necessary)

Product Preparation

All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of grease, oil, paint, sealers, etc. Use H&C Cleaner Degreaser following the label directions, rinse thoroughly and allow the surface to dry.

New concrete must cure for 28 days. All horizontal concrete (new or old), must be etched with H&C Etching Solution first for proper adhesion, follow label instructions carefully. For very smooth, or highly troweled surfaces with little or no porosity, use H&C Etching Solution at full strength. Do not etch painted surfaces, the previous coating must be removed prior to applying H&C Concrete Sealer Solid Color Solvent-Based.

Product Application

*Apply under dry conditions only! Do not apply if rain is expected within 12 hours following application.
*Air and surface temperature should be between 50° and 90° during application and for 24 hours following.

Sweep the surface with a broom immediately prior to applying, to ensure no foreign substances or particles have fallen on it. Stir thoroughly before and during application.

If you need to “cut in” the corners or edges, do that first with your brush. Use your roller to evenly apply the remainder of the surface, working in one direction. Do not overwork the product – brushing or rolling back over partially dried material may cause lifting of the coating from the surface.

Allow the product to dry 12 hours before applying the second coat (if necessary). Again, being careful not to overwork the product, apply in the OPPOSITE direction of the first coat (perpendicular).
If a clear coat is desired, use H&C Concrete Sealer Clear Gloss Solvent-based; this clear coat is designed to go over the solid color sealer and will ensure long-lasting color and finish for years to come.

  • Dry to the touch: 15 minutes
  • Foot Traffic in 1 hour
  • Recoat: 12 hours
  • Heavy Traffic: 72 – 96 hours