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Accelerate Product Questions

WHAT’S COOL FEEL™ TECHNOLOGY? COOL FEEL™ TECHNOLOGY reduces the temperature of concrete surfaces exposed to UV rays by up to 20 degrees F. This makes the concrete substrate cooler to the touch and friendlier to walk on. Acryla-deck® Water Based Hi- Build Deck coating with Cool Feel™ Technology provides superior protection and beauty for both […]

H&C® Infusion® Water-Based Semi-Transparent Concrete Stain 

A water-based, easy to apply stain for use on pool decks, walkways, garages, driveways, and interior floor. Convenient, ready-to-use color offering, colors can be outlined & inter-mixed to create custom color options. Water-based formulation for easy application and clean-up Quick turnaround, re-coat or seal in 4-6 hours Available at your local Sherwin-Williams store.

How Creative Can You Get With Concrete?

H&C has all your decorative and protective concrete needs covered, including stains, dyes, hardeners, resurfacers, overlays, sealers and water-proofers. Expect superior job ef ciency and impressive results, every time. Find the products and people to give your business every advantage at Sherwin-Williams stores across the country.